Timeline takes the yellow jersey at this year's Tour de France


Timeline TV are stepping up a gear and pedalling fast at our Ealing Broadcast Centre, where VSquared TV are producing live and highlights shows of the Tour de France 2013 for ITV 4. 

In addition to providing production space on-site, we also house four Final Cut Pro edits, a dedicated graphics room, a complete transmission suite and edit facilities for ITV’s online production team, all committed to the Tour.

Material is received via our tried-and-tested satellite downlinks and saved directly onto shared storage, allowing editors to cut the footage as it arrives.

The live shows are directed from the transmission gallery and the highlights programmes, cut over the course of the day, are transmitted from an EVS server via fibre connections to BT Tower, with a secondary route via a brand-new satellite uplink to provide a diverse transmission path.

But our Tour de France story doesn’t end there…

On the road we provide an Avid edit facility, housed in a specially-designed edit vehicle, to Woods Media Group for NBC.

Inside, seven Avid edits share an ISIS 5000 media server with Avid Interplay media management. An IP-Director network allows producers to log and clip their media, while integration with NBC’s EVS truck allows editors to put their edits direct-to-air.

Once again,Timeline TV are taking the Tour to the next stage.