Timeline North serve up an ace as we gear up for the Wimbledon season

The smell of freshly cut grass, the chink of ice in your pimms, the thwack of tennis on the lawn…its Wimbledon time.

Timeline & Wimbledon go together like Strawberries and Cream. We are now entering our 8th year at Wimbledon providing a large IP Director solution for the host broadcaster. Ahead of Wimbledon the first up to serve is Andy Murray, a 60 minute documentary for BBC1: ‘Andy Murray, The Man Behind the Racquet’

Producer Jo McCusker has spent the past year immersing her self in Andy Murray’s world. Featuring unprecedented access to Andy Murray and the people closest to him we get to the heart of the man behind the tennis phenomenon.

Together, Jo and Editor Dave Horwell began crafting the doc in Timeline North two months ago following the standard post production formula, offline, online, dub and re-versioning for worldwide delivery.

The highs and lows of Andy Murray’s story, however, have had a domino effect on the post schedule. Injury half way through the edit took his story in one direction and an up-turn in fortune with a win at Queens a day before picture lock took it in another.

As Murray’s story ended fittingly with Sunday’s night charity match, Jo and Dave continued to work tirelessly to encompass the events as they unfolded. Throughout the post process the ingest team sifted through hours of archive footage and viewing copies were generated and delivered to various parties on a rolling basis.

To allow for the fluid nature of this documentary, production and post production entered into a unique collaboration. At the crucial stage of picture lock Timeline ran two edits simultaneously for a further two days. With no time left for a conventional Avid Symphony grade, we made best use of our shared storage system by grading in DaVinci. This could be done in tandem with the online finishing. It also allowed sound design in Protools to begin prior to picture lock to ensure this documentary was delivered on time.

Andy Murray, The Man Behind the Racquet aired Sunday 23rd June, 22.25 on BBC 1. An updated version, featuring an exclusive interview post Wimbledon victory, was broadcast Monday 8th July, 21:00 on BBC 1.