London Olympics 2012

During the Summer of 2012, Timeline providing Radio Camera systems for both the Olympics and Paralympics.

Sunset + Vine APP awarded Timeline the contract to supply all of the technical facilities for the BBC Sailing coverage from Portland and Weymouth. Following the success of the Round the World Ocean Race, Timeline supplied 3 of their custom built radio camera boat systems and installed them on 2 rib chase boats and 1 catamaran gyro-stablised camera boat. These systems are based around the Cobham HD transmitter utilising a Cobham 20 watt PA to give the required range.

To receive the Radio Cameras, Timeline used Cobham 8 input diversity receivers. 4 aerials were mounted on a hoist in the TV compound with extra aerials deployed around the bay using Timeline’s in-house developed RF over fibre technology.

4 aerials were installed on The Nothe, and sent back to the TV compound using WDM (Wave Division Multiplex) technology. BT provided a fibre to bring the RF signals back 13km. This array of aerials allowed Timeline to provide faultless coverage from all 5 sailing courses. Timeline also provided radio talkback and data control for the cameras.

Timeline’s large HD flyaway kit provided all of the other facilities including a large production gallery, 2 edits suites, EVS and IP Director integration.


LOCOG awarded Timeline the contract to provide all RF camera facilities for the Paralympic Cycling at Brands Hatch. This involved Timeline supplying 2 Radio Camera chase bikes and 1 helicopter mid point with incorporated Heli-Tele. Timeline supplied an RF Engineer in the helicopter who could offer support while airborne saving valuable time and fuel if any adjustments were required. On the ground Timeline used BMW R1200RT motorbikes fitted with our bespoke motorbike panniers which incorporate all the necessary equipment in a shock mounted and air-cooled environment guaranteeing maximum reliability. Our unique aerial and PA mounts allowed us to achieve the best coverage possible.

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