Streamline is an ultra-compact outside broadcast truck

Streamline delivers live programmes from any location with full broadcast features including a built in up-link. Streamline handles multiple HD signals with its powerful ‘Tricaster’ 8000 vision mixer providing full camera coverage at any venue.

The integrated Ka-band satellite link, coupled with top-of-the-range H264 encoding, delivers high-quality pictures.

The truck is equipped with a Newtek 3Play 425 six – channel slow motion replay unit allowing recording of four sources with two simultaneous replay outputs.

Streamline is perfect for live sports reporting, feature inserts or corporate events.


  • Operational positions for Director, PA, Sound Supervisor, Engineer and VT Operator.
  • Tricaster 8000 vision mixer with built in recording / replays, graphics and virtual sets
  • Newtek 3Play 425 6-channel slow motion replay unit with control surface
  • Wired for cabled and radio cameras
  • Flexible audio system featuring Yamaha digital sound desk
  • 2 UHF talkback system
  • Facility for green screen working with virtual sets
  • Onboard KaSat uplink system with automatic satellite acquisition, providing fast IP connectivity for web streaming
  • Best-in-class H264 encoding with Ateme Kyrion encoder
  • Fully UPS-backed power system, which can operate without a mains supply and features seamless power-loss recovery

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