Whisper and Timeline deliver Channel 4’s epic Paralympics coverage

We delivered the most ambitious Paralympics production ever, with over 300 hours of TV coverage and 1000 hours of live content on digital platforms, provided via an impressive remote production at Timeline’s Ealing Broadcast Centre (EBC).

How it was done:

Over 30 feeds came into the EBC with live presentation from Channel 4 HQ in Leeds, Timeline’s Ealing studio, the Olympic Stadium, the Aquatic stadium, and the Velodrome in Japan. As well as multiple roaming cameras at all the other Paralympic venues and at the athlete’s families’ homes across the UK.

EBC was operational 24 hours a day and included:

  • Two main galleries
  • A dedicated athletics gallery
  • Eight edit suites
  • Five commentary booths

The remote production included directing the cameras in the Leeds studio and racking the Aquatics cameras from Tokyo.

Coverage included outstanding creative films showcasing great disabled talent in emotive sequences, an innovative highlights programme with ‘Ade’s Taxi’ which circumnavigated Covid restrictions, plus engaging connections with athletes and their families.


70% of the presentation team were disabled and 18% of the production team. A benefit of remote production was the ability to attract a more diverse team without travel restrictions, coupled with the well-being benefits of production crew being closer to home.