RF facilities for Great Run Series

Timeline provide all the RF facilities for FilmNova, one of Britain’s leading independent sports producers.

As part of this, Timeline provides wireless cameras on the Great Run Series, the country’s biggest televised series of mass-participation running events.

Motorcycle-mounted cameras have proved to be the best way to cover the Great Run Series. Timeline relays the pictures via a fixed-wing aircraft, circling overhead at 25,000 feet. The company has developed unique airborne systems for FilmNova using state-of-the-art technology to give unbroken high-quality pictures as the motorbikes weave through the city streets.

All the RF facilities are monitored and controlled from Timeline’s technical van, RF10. It is equipped with a 12m telescopic mast, racks of RF receivers, comprehensive RF distribution and monitoring, vision routing and control facilities.

As well as capturing the action, Timeline also provides the satellite link to allow live broadcast on BBC and Channel 5.

Timeline also delivers an international feed, downlinked at the company’s headquarters at Ealing Studios, adding commentary from its bespoke voiceover facility. The mixed world feed is then sent via the BT Tower and streamed live in the USA. Finally, a ‘highlights’ programme is created in Timeline’s post-production facility for deferred playout.