RF facilties for Glastonbury

The iconic Glastonbury Festival hosts around 175,000 music fans each year and plays a key role in the UK’s music scene.

For the last few years BBC Music has selected Timeline Television to provide both the RF and fibre infrastructure for the outside broadcast at Glastonbury.

BBC Music offers its output on various different platforms: television, radio and interactive. Timeline plays an integral role in the sharing of the content across all of these separate operations.

Timeline ensured that the Glastonbury stages were securely connected to BBC TX scanners for the 60 hours of live transmission.

This was achieved through innovative fibre networking solutions, including Riedel’s Mediornet Systems, linked by a MetroN Hub. The whole system was backed up by a redundant video-over-fibre system.

Providing a site-wide wireless camera system, Timeline used a network of fibre-connected antennas to allow live camera crews to cover the whole of Glastonbury.

Timeline’s experienced technical team ensured that this vital fibre backbone performed seamlessly in the notoriously difficult weather conditions for which Glastonbury is famous.