Life as a Media Systems Engineer

Katie Chamberlayne

How long have you been with Timeline and what is your role?

I have been at Timeline for just over 3 years working as a Media Systems Engineer at BT Sport, Stratford.

How has your career progression route changed?

I have been given a lot more responsibility, including the management of projects at BT Sport. I have also found that my role now heavily involves overseeing the training of new staff and freelancers in our department.

What attracted you to Timeline?

Honestly? I wanted to leave working on the OB’s for a more stable studio role with regular hours. I had been talking to an old colleague who was working here at the time. He spoke highly of the company so I asked him to pass on my CV! I was very apprehensive at the time, as I had spent almost my whole career working on the road, but it turned out to be one of the best decisions I ever made.

What would you say about our service?

It is professional, innovative and flexible.

Are you ready to ‘go the extra mile’?

Absolutely. I like to deliver and I like seeing our clients happy and satisfied. Yes, in my opinion my colleagues have a passion to serve too – there is a lot of encouragement within Timeline and always someone to go to for advice.

Are you proud of what you do?

Yes, I enjoy the extra responsibilities I have gained in the time I have been here, I enjoy seeing a project coming together. I take pride in the support we provide at BT Sport and rectifying issues when they arise. I think it is very important to take ownership of the work you are doing, but also to ask for help when necessary. I particularly enjoy getting involved in projects that are not part of BAU. I also enjoy a busy day of support when kit and systems are not quite behaving themselves, liaising with production and being able to resolve the issues is very satisfying.

Describe the atmosphere at Timeline:

The atmosphere and the people are friendly, supportive and positive – it is part of what makes working for Timeline so pleasurable.

Do you enjoy the socials?

I do enjoy the socials. One in particular that sticks out was bowling and karaoke at the All Star Lanes in Brick Lane (I should not have taken hold of the microphone that night)!

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