Life as a Graduate Media Systems Engineer

Christopher Shaw, Media Systems Engineer

How did you hear about our Graduate programme?

Through the Christy Media website.

How was the assessment day?

Really enjoyable. The staff were really friendly and the tour was a good way of getting to know the operation of Timeline. It allowed me to see how the staff of Timeline and BT Sport integrate and it was also a good way of gaining a perspective on how MSE solve problems.

What was your first impression?

As before, that the staff were really friendly and that the whole atmosphere was relaxed, which was not what I expected.

How are you finding the programme so far?

Easy-going in terms of settling in and getting to know the staff. Within Timeline, they know that I’m a graduate who may not be able to solve the problem right away, but will always try. They do their best to explain various issues, and the reasons why they occur.

Did you have any prior broadcast experience?

None. All I had was what I learnt at university.

What have you learned during the first 6 months?

I have learnt a lot. I have managed to get to grips with the setup of EVS assignments needed for Champions League, as well as the the workflow within my department and the problems it may incur. In addition to learning the standard routine checks, I have also been learning on the job, as and when situations have arisen, which has given me a real time insight into my team’s protocols and solutions.

Do you like the team?

They’re great and incredibly patient as they know it will take time to develop my knowledge. They are willing to help any time I feel unsure of something.

Would you recommend the Timeline Graduate Programme?

Absolutely. It has given me experience and background knowledge. It has also given me a first-hand, behind-the-scenes insight into broadcasting, allowing me to learn about the equipment involved.

The best thing about Timeline is:

The exposure to different departments, allowing me to get to know more of the infrastructure and the work involved in each.

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