Timeline becomes an Albert Supplier

June 8th, 2021

Collaboration is key, so we’re rather excited to have become an ALBERT supplier! Tackling the industry’s footprint together.

What’s this all about then?

The need to live sustainably is the most urgent challenge facing humanity and the greatest threat to making that possible is climate change. Like many sectors, media production carries a large carbon footprint. Not because film and TV professionals are evil, wasteful or mindless, but simply because making media content requires more of the stuff people do every day. And the simple things like eating, travelling and using buildings carry an environmental price tag.

Albert is all about what the film and TV industry, as the most accessible creative forces in society, can do to create a sustainable society and as one of the most accessible, creative forces, can do to create a sustainable society. As a supplier to this industry, we are helping to make this happen.

Stay tuned for more on what we’re doing to be a sustainable supplier.

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