Timeline's Head of Operations Dave Harnett speaks at SVG Europe's Remote Production Unleashed May 2021event

May 26th, 2021

Timeline’s Head of Operations David Harnett part of SVG Europe‘s Remote Production Unleashed event.

Dave joins Casper Choffat, SVP of Global Product, NEP and Eamonn Curtin, Deputy CEO, Telegenic to discuss: ‘The Future of OB & the Rise of the Centralised Production Facility

For decades, the OB vehicle has been at the centre of sports production. IP technology, however, is changing that and production service providers are able to offload some of the technology from the OB to a centralised facility. This discussion will, on one hand, discuss what the OB unit of the future will look like and how its role in sports production will evolve. And on the other, look at how production service providers are embracing the centralised production facility concept and consider its benefits and challenges and the intricacies of facility design. And how the two will dovetail.’

Watch the panel here.