Timeline launches a brand-new podcast series, Podcast Anywhere

February 7th, 2020

Timeline Television is excited to launch a brand-new podcast series called ‘Podcast Anywhere’. The series will discuss the latest technological innovations happening, both at Timeline and within the broadcast industry, as well as the latest burning topics in the broadcasting world.

In the first episode we meet Timeline’s CEO, Dan McDonnell who discusses how Timeline began, upcoming projects, including remote production for SailGP and his views on where he sees the broadcasting industry heading.

A number of big topics will be covered throughout the series, including future innovations within the industry, the importance of having a good work-life balance and the role of graduate programmes at Timeline and their importance within the sector.

Another important episode will see the series shine a light on gender diversity within broadcasting, including the challenges faced by women, in particular female engineers and what can be done to champion a balanced workforce.

The first episode is available to stream and download now from Apple PodcastSpotifySoundcloud.

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