BBC Three’s ‘In the Flesh’ utilises Aframe’s upload service

January 8th, 2014

In August 2013, Timeline Television North became a certified Upload Partner for Aframe, the cloud-based media management platform. Since its introduction Timeline North has been able to offer an exclusive and secure upload base at MediaCity UK.

Timeline North now have the ability to ingest large amounts of media and push it to Aframe’s cloud network at full resolution. As an Upload Partner we have been able to offer production companies a convenient and simple method of transferring video content to Aframe’s cloud platform.

When BBC Drama Production North approached Timeline with the task of transferring rushes from a shoot in Manchester to an edit in Soho we were able to offer the Aframe upload service.

The second series of the award-nominated BBC Three Zombie drama ‘In the Flesh’ required an overnight rushes transfer that would be more cost and time effective than dispatching the drives to London by courier. Filming from October to February, five days a week Mon-Fri, at least two hours of footage needed to be uploaded in readiness for the edit the following morning.

Filmed on Arri Alexa, we are able to ingest and upload the transcoded DNX36 media to the Aframe cloud while simultaneously backing-up the raw footage to our Nearline storage.

Once on the cloud network, the media can be downloaded to the chosen edit platform for fast steamlined editing. Aframe also generates a low-res proxy which can be viewed on their web-interface, giving production the added advantage of being able to browse, log, sub-clip, annotate, and organise their rushes using any internet enabled device. This means that ‘In the Flesh’ can view their dailies and assemblies on location.

Timeline’s collaboration with Aframe enables us to quickly transfer rushes to London without using couriers, reducing our carbon footprint. It also provides our clients with a secure online viewing and logging platform. This service is proving to be successful with ‘In the Flesh’ and paves the way forward for more Cloud-based processes within the Post Production environment.