Double RTS award celebration for Craft & Design Awards 2012/2013

November 20th, 2013

Monday night was a huge evening for Timeline, being intrinsically involved with two RTS Craft and Design award winners.



Dan McDonnell, Timeline TV (left) & Paul Davies, BBC (Right) with the RTS Craft Award for Tape & Film Editing – Sport. BBC Sports Personality of the Year 2012

Firstly BBC Sports Personality of the Year scooped the prize for Tape & Film Editing – Sport, all of which were cut at Timeline North. The judges said “Outstanding films, with clever ideas that brought the emotion of the subjects through the screen. Beautifully crafted, the stories were told with real feeling and sensitivity and the judges were extremely moved by them.”

And BT Sport collected the Judges award for their innovative new Studio, which was designed and built by Timeline in an incredible 21 weeks. The panel commented “This year’s Judges’ Award goes to the creation of a highly flexible ‘L’ shaped studio which can cope with three live broadcasts on air at the same time, for up to 15 hours each, in the same studio space. The two linked three-sided studios are the largest LED-lit studios in the world. The use of LED was considered the only energy efficient way to light such a mammoth space and the LED floodlights are calibrated to be able to create shadow. The key visual elements of the studio are generated from 27 various sized screens which are driven by a ‘Spyder’ control system that can drive all or some of the screens required. Each screen has to be able to show a single image or part of a much larger image, moving or still, and instantly updatable in continuous live broadcasting. The LED under-lit glass floor featuring eight different pitch markings including football, tennis, basketball, and rugby has NEVER been used in a TV studio anywhere in the world before and was specifically adapted and designed to meet their requirements. The central hub, a tower in the middle of the studio has been designed with 13 large screens, so no matter what area you shoot from you can see video backgrounds for all the programmes. It is possibly the most innovative use of purpose-built screens in Europe.”

Our warmest congratulations to our friends at the BBC & BT for their well deserved awards.