The Sporting Touch
at Timeline TV North

February 21st, 2013

It was a race to the finish in December 2012 as Timeline TV North delivered 63 films for Sports Personality of the Year 2012 along with a BBC 3 commission from BBC Sport about the Most Amazing Olympic Moments.

SPOTY 2012 has been one of our largest projects to date, consisting of 63 films, 2-3mins each in duration, cut on Avid with an ISIS 5000 shared storage, across six  suites, also utilising three EVS IP Directors linked to nearline on seven Qnaps so producers can clip up and transfer material direct to the edit.

Some stats….

  • Olympics Archive – over 1500hrs on five Qnaps, a total of 95TB
  • Euros Archive – 350hrs on one Qnap, 22TB
  • Other Sports – over 20 other sports and archive are held on another Qnap, 90hrs and approx 5TB
  • The media workspace for SPOTY was 11TB

The Most Amazing Olympic Moments documentary also pulled from the same Olympic Qnaps using IP Director along with green screen talking heads interviews which are composited on Avid DS. With a running time of 2hrs, we media managed over 25hrs of interviews stored on Avid Unity.

Both projects headed through dub in the final week utilizing the connected storage and fast turnaround ability of our dubbing mixers.