Timeline X is Here!

June 27th, 2011

Timeline has begun testing on Final Cut Pro X, Motion 5 and Compressor 4, Apple’s new take on what a modern non-linear editing and production platform should be.

The FCPX application has been rewritten from the ground up and incorporates elements from Color and Soundtrack Pro within a single application to offer enormous flexibilty.

Metadata handling is also vastly improved, with features such as customisable metadata profiles – assignable per project and per clip – being pulled from the now discontinued Final Cut Server.

As file-based workflows push tape aside, this amount of control and flexibility is essential and in the case of FCPX is extremely well implemented. Third party integration with external asset management systems, video & transmission servers etc is also likely to be not far behind.

Overall, Apple’s development team have done an amazing job and this first release shows huge amounts of promise, ready to propel Final Cut Pro – and Apple’s ProApps in general – into the years ahead as a superbly innovative file-based production, editing and finishing toolset.

Rest assured that Timeline – one of the UK oldest supporters of in Final Cut Pro, and amongst the leading providers of FCP workflows for broadcast, film and television post-production – will uncover everything that this amazing new application has to offer!

With the release of Final Cut Pro X and Avid’s moves forward with Media Composer 5.5, these are certainly great times to be involved in the Post-Production industry!