RF2, Timeline’s flexible 4K RF uplink truck

Timeline has designed and built a second 4K RF uplink truck named RF2. The purpose-built 5 tonne 4K RF uplink truck provides a dual chain 1.8m Advent Newswift antenna, capable of delivering multiple HD and UHD uplinks. As well as being a traditional RF uplink truck, RF2 has been designed to be flexible and completely customisable to clients’ needs. It can be used, for example, as a complete outside-broadcast unit, as a communications hub or as a newsgathering uplink truck.


Technology highlights:

  • With a large 196 port bi-directional 4K router and a 32-way multiviewer, RF2 can handle large complex assignments with ease.
  • RF2’s 400W linear amplifiers and 1.8m reflector enable high bandwidth and multiple transmission paths in either 4K or HD SDI or a combination of both
  • Fitted with two H.265 ultra low latency encoders and four H.264 encoders, RF2 handles high quality low bandwidth HD transmissions or multiple 4K transmissions with ease.
  • RF2 has a 1m fast acquisition Ka band antenna providing remote data services or video over IP.
  • The 9m mast has a headload of 35KG allowing an array of antennas to be mounted for radio camera and talkback.


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